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Polymer Section - Research


Polymer Section of Department of Materials Science is formed by a group of professors who carry out their academic activities in the areas of chemistry and physics of polymers.

In relation to teaching, undergraduate and graduate courses focused at students acquire the core concepts of chemistry and physics of polymers are offered through theoretical courses, labs and electives. This activity is accompanied by the advice and supervision of senior projects, whether thesis or industrial internship for undergraduate or postgraduate students.

In the extracurricular activities area a fruitful relationship has been established with national plastic industry, rubber and related , society and the environment through the provision of laboratory services, training , technical advice, participation in standardization committees and development projects that meet the needs of industry , society and its surroundings, in which the skills, equipment and expertise of the members of the Polymer Section take advantages in the areas of physical- chemical characterization of polymers (i.e., resins identification), studies concerning relation structure-property in polymers, their chemical modification, polymers synthesis, among others. More recently, extension activities have been enhanced with the development of projects in the framework of the Law on Science Technology and Innovation (LOCTI).

The research activity of the section is carried out in four main aspects, which are:

1. Multiphase nanostructured materials and nanocomposites.

2. Basic studies of nucleation and crystallization of semi-crystalline thermoplastic materials.

3. Evaluation of the mechanical behavior of thermoplastic materials.

4. Rheology of structured fluids or soft materials ("soft matter").

5. Biopolymers.

Addressing these areas is carried out under a multidisciplinary approach with collaboration with other university researchers, the country and abroad. The above lines have interconnection points and overlap.