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Ceramic Section - Research

The ceramic section of the Materials Science department was founded with the purpose of contributing with the technologic and scientific development of the country through the training of human resources with solid knowledge in the field of ceramic materials. To accomplish this gold, the ceramic section consists of an excellent group of professors, who generate knowledge in the area of traditional ceramic products and in advanced ceramic materials, through their work of teaching, research and extension

In the educational field, the Ceramics Section dictates undergraduate courses with the aim that students acquire the basic concepts of processing, synthesis and physical properties of ceramic materials. Courses are also offered in topic areas such as structural ceramics, industrial ceramics and bioceramics. The academic program includes theoretical courses, laboratories and elective courses, and this is complemented with the assistance and supervision of final papers, thesis or industrial internship.


In the field of research, this section leads projects in the following areas

1. Optimization of construction concretes and cementitious materials

2. Sustainable development of refractories materials

3. Synthesis and characterization of ceramic powders with high added value

4. Evaluation of ceramic coatings for protection of metal parts


Additionally, there is participation in multidisciplinary projects such as "Study and development of clean energy" such as fuel cells, Stirling engine, among others.

The activities of extension of the ceramic section includes primary the dictation of courses of capacitation and diplomacy for the industrial sector also

Outreach of Ceramics Section includes primarily the issuance of training courses and diploma for the industrial sector. Consulting, failure analysis is also performed and laboratory services are offered ceramic processes.