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Research - Metal section

The research lines developed by this section correspond to:

Corrosion and Protection of Materials, Corrosion Inhibitors, CO2 Corrosion, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. (Professor: Nathalie Ochoa).

Chemical and Extractive Metallurgy. Characterization and Measurement of Industrial Waste and Urban Containing Heavy Metals. Sustainable Materials and Processes. (Professor: Pedro Delvasto).

Corrosion Electrochemistry and High Temperature, Corrosion Localized (Sting Stainless Steel), CO2 Corrosion, fretting corrosion, Welding Metallurgy, Failure Analysis, Relationship Structure and properties. (Professor: Adalberto Rosales)

Degradation of materials at high temperatures. Metallurgical Thermodynamics. Faults caused by erosion, non-conventional nondestructive inspection techniques. (Professor: Jorge Stella).

Mechanical Behaviour and Materials. Manufacturing Process Technology of Materials. Materials Technology for Non Destructive Testing. (Professor: Wilfrido González).

Solid phase transformations in metallic systems, structure-property relationship, particularly in microalloyed steels and aluminum alloys. (Professor: Ana Rivas).

Characterization and evaluation of metallic materials by Ultrasonic Techniques conventional and unconventional, Evaluation of materials through non-destructive testing. (Professor: Edda Rodriguez).

Characterization and treatment of solid waste from the mining, metallurgical industry and recyclable fraction of municipal waste. Synthesis of Materials. Design pyro and hydrometallurgical treatments. Alloys degradation at elevated temperatures. (Professor: Aurora Molina).

Coatings to protect metallic materials exposed to high temperatures. (Professor: Yliana Baron).

Physical metallurgy of high strength steels. List of materials and alloys. Structure-properties (Professor Julio Millan).

Fabrication and Characterization of metallic alloys, ceramics superconducting YBaCuO superconducting mechanisms in the system at high temperatures. Kinetic studies mineral leaching ilmenite in concentrated hydrochloric acid solution. Obtaining rutile. Kinetic Study of demixing in ternary oxides (ilmenite). (Professor: Hilda Abache).

Corrosion Inhibitors, Damage Hydrogen Pitting Corrosion, Intergranular Corrosion. (Professor: Roberto Requiz).