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Research - Polymer Section

The research lines developed by this section correspond to:


Characterization of multiphase polymer systems (polyblends and block copolymers) with

synthetic and natural components. Design and study of nanocomposites. (Professor: Maria Luisa



Mixtures of polymers: Evaluation of thermal, mechanical and morphological properties.


Nanocomposite preparation (polymer / carbon nanotubes). Evaluation of thermal, mechanical

and morphological properties.


Water-soluble polymers: Synthesis of hydrophobically modified polymers. Mixtures of water

soluble polymers and surfactants. Evaluation of rheological properties.


Synthesis of amphiphilic diblock polymers and copolymers via ATRP. Study and design of

nanostructured fluids. Rheological characterization of polymers in solution. Synthesis of

hydrogels with potential biomedical applications. (Professor: Evis Penott).


Relation Structure - properties in polyethylene and copolymers. Semicrystalline polymers 

morphology. (Professor: Cristian Puig).


Relation structure-physical properties, mechanical behaviour and fracture mechanics, effect of 

processing conditions on mechanical properties. Polyolefins and mistures, styrene resins and 

composites. (Professor Johan Sanchez).


Experimental Physics in the amorphous state. Complex vitrification liquid and soft matter. 

Molecular dynamics in semicrystalline polymers and amorphous. Dielectric Spectroscopy and 

Termoestimuladas spectroscopies, X-ray Diffraction (Professor: Mario Grimau).


The rheology of polymeric solutions, structured fluids, morphology, nucleation, crystallization 

and crystallization kinetics of semi-crystalline materials and multiphase materials (and 

particularly polyblends, block copolymers, biopolymers and nanocomposites). (Professor: 

Alexander Müller).


Physical Properties of Polymers, Biopolymers and copolymers. (Professor: Rose Mary Michell).