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Research - Ceramic Section

The research lines developed by this section correspond to:


Processes Ceramics, Glasses and Glass ceramics. Synthesis of Advanced Ceramic Materials by 

Thermal Plasma. (Professor Norberto Labrador).



Processes Ceramics, Glasses and Glass ceramics, thermal spraying, Concrete and related 

Materials (Professor Thierry Poirier).



Physical chemistry characterization of inorganic materials, traditional ceramic and geomaterials. 

Synthesis of advanced ceramic by sol-gel techniques. Synthesis of Geopolymers. Formulation 

and evaluation of concrete mixtures. (Professor Neil Smith).



Refractory Materials, Ceramics Heterogeneous, Physical properties of ceramic materials. 

Materials used in fuel cells. Recycled aggregates (ceramic and concrete). Synthesis ceramic 

dusts. (Professor Delia Gutierrez).